The right team can build, ship and sell anything.  Any an all members in your startup should be game-changers.

Empowering for Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is the one thing that will accelerate your market traction, build defensibility, and increase the value of your company towards all stakeholders. 

In a growth oriented getting customers is everybody’s responsibility, and everybody should know how they contribute to it. The right team with the right strategy and tools can build, ship and sell anything. Yes, growth is about people.

Let’s face it, chances are “nobody” knows you and your startup. Even if you have a few customers, maybe you haven’t even got answers to some fundamental questions: is there really a market for this? Will people pay for this at scale?

Customer Acquisition means creating so much interest in an audience, and delivering so much value that in return people and companies will put money and bet on you. Agree?

Market Traction without a learning organization is not sustainable, and ain’t worth the hassle. 


  • Creating a true Data Driven Operation: Driving success and focus based on a Key Success Metrics approach.
  • Cranking up all factors to gain Market Traction: unleash and enable growth through community building and customer acquisition. 
  • Building the capabilities to align all teams towards customer success, growth and defensibility.
  • Turning operations into clear, measurable practices that can scale.

Consulting involves all aspects of the Customer LifeCycle, including customer acquisition, customer onboarding, and (long-term) customer success.

In practice, my collaboration happens with a clear Project Management approach to prioritize and solve each problem: clear scope, clear stages and actions, clear success metrics, clear responsibilities.

What are you up to these days? Strategy definition? fuzzy value proposition? Understanding your buyers?  Creating or fine-tuning your commercial model? Hiring or developing talent? Reducing churn? Entering a new market?… 

What about prioritizing? Measuring?  Defining roles, aligning product, marketing, and sales? Implementing customer feedback into your learning loop..?

Performance is behaviour driven. Your teams will perform differently, and produce a different output when adopting different behaviours and habits.

Creative, Hands-on Advisory

Developing and implementing a growth, experimentation, a peer/customer-success and feedback culture is only possible through personal growth.  Why?

Coaching is embedded in each and every bit of interaction, and given its relevance we make time for 1to1 and group sessions.

Training. Yes, it is virtually impossible to attack new goals with “only what you know today”, growth is based on frameworks, concepts. Otherwise you would have done it already, right?

Mentoring. Being there, providing insight, asking the right questions, above all caring, and going out of my way to make things happen.

Executing! No doubt, what matters is doing, implementing and solving problems together, with creative and massive action.

I believe people get engaged when they get the how and why of what they’re doing. The right engagement leads to sustained performance. Sustained performance leads to predictable results.

With the right tools and mindset you and your team can align with the right vision and the will to make a splash, dominate the market, redefine your product category and achieve tremendous personal and professional growth.

Success is a team where everybody is a game changer.