How it works 

1- We both isolate and define the problem in terms of success factors.
2- We agree on what success looks like (metrics!).

3- We design and scope the solution.
4- We involve whoever needs to be involved.
5- We test and implement the solution.

6- We measure, adjust, and most likely iterate.
7- We achieve desired results.
8- We celebrate, we reiterate.

9- Next problem..?


We typically engage on a test assignment, and see if there is mutual fit.

If so we change to a subscription-based model.

Advisory/Consulting/Mentoring today is hands-on solving problems -takes what it takes- to create impact and results, and it is not purely hour-based labor. When it comes to working I become part of the team.



Assignments are executed within a project framework: clear goals, a clear scope, clear metrics, and are typically aimed to impact specific KPIs of your commercial operations.

The number one reason companies and products decline and

disappear: Not getting enough customers fast enough.

There is a fine balance between defensibility and speed.

Scaling your business through accelerating Customer Acquisition entails a clear challenge: no matter your field of expertise or your personal preference,  you have to master experimentation, agile learning, and sudden course changing.

We call this a lean approach both in sales operations and market traction.