Creative, hands-on sales enablement to help you

and your organization succeed in the digital era

Does your company provide services, products or projects that improve people’s lives? We’d love to help you scale, seriously

The Nautilus snail shape in our logo expresses expansion, renewal, increasingly larger chambers, the inner beauty of nature, the golden mean, natural organic growth, evolution, unending pursuit of knowledge, and an unmatched focus both function and aesthetics.

…The framework of the PROJECT is named Crank as in: “crank out, to make or produce in a mass-production, effortless, or in an automated way. and “crank up: to get started or ready”, “to stimulate, activate, or produce”, and most importantly “to increase one’s efforts, and output.

Moving sales operations to the “next level” implies a shift in the traditional way of understanding sales performance. 


Work hard + work smart + smart iterations will help your team succeed, and your products position and dominate.


If you haven’t achieved the success you expect, chances are relying on knowledge from inside your organization is putting your strategy at risk. 


Problems we solve: shortening your sales cycle, improving closing ratios, empowering your sales leadership, sales staff and partners/distributors with insight and tools, and most importantly: accelerate customer acquisition and increment customer retention.


Strategically located in Copenhagen (Denmark), CRANK PROJECT can address your needs wherever you, or your network of partners and resellers may be.