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Creative, hands-on customer acquisition advisory

Let your startup or scaleup make a splash

Do you provide solutions that improve how people live, work, achieve and thrive?

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Problems we solve:

  • Accelerating customer acquisition, incrementing customer retention and customer success

  • Accelerating product-market fit through a smart, multi-channel Business Development learning loop

  • Infusing a ton of forward-thinking best practices, competencies and mindset to create an outstanding, high-achieving team.

How we do it

Crafting a true value proposition with you, aligning sales, marketing, and product from the ground up, designing an ongoing multi-channel traction strategy, shortening your sales cycles, improving closing ratios, empowering everybody including your partners with a vision, insight and tools.


What success looks like

Repeatable, predictable, measurable customer acquisition processes, including sales. Data driven operations. A focused and engaged team (no more 80/20 nightmares everywhere), and a memorable customer experience during the whole engagement cycle with your company.


The Nautilus Snail logo: expansion, renewal, exponential growth, the inner beauty of nature, the golden mean, evolution, unending pursuit of knowledge, and an unmatched focus on function and aesthetics.

Customer acquisition, traction and growth start by you understanding that your solution has the potential to dominate your market segment, create an unfair advantage over competitors, and redefine your product or service category.

Your next step is taking responsibility, and taking action.


This goes far beyond sales, sales training and successfully selling on the phone. It’s about strategically tapping into all relevant traction channels to consistently grow by acquiring new customers, and keeping them by helping them succeed.



Strategically located in Copenhagen (Denmark), CRANK PROJECT operates primarily in Denmark and Spain.